about us

About us

Opening at the start of the year 2020, King Kaya Seeds is a newcomer to the 420 industry. Our mission is simple, we want to be a safe place where collectors from around the world can buy seeds safely and discreetly. At the time of opening we had 91 different varieties of feminized and auto-flowering seeds. We hope to finish the year with many more strains and breeders in order to provide our customers with the ultimate selection of goodies. At the time of posting we are selling our seeds globally where laws allow.

King Kaya Seeds started selling cannabis seeds for more than just one reason. The majority of businesses out there, marijuana related or not, are ran without heart and soul. There is only one aim which is to turn a profit as large as possible. However King Kaya Seeds wanted to be different than the standard business plan. Along with turning a profit they also wanted to create a cannabis hub where local UK residents can get access to a huge library of different cannabis genetics but also have a solid customer support program to look after them and ensure their order was delivered promptly and legitimately.

In the first half of 2020, which was the opening year, King Kaya Seeds began gaining positive reviews in multiple places. This spurred them on to continue their journey, it did not take long before word spread about the quality service and strains for sale.