How to pick the very best cannabis seeds?

Today, seed banks offer a huge number of cannabis seeds. The decision on which to buy can take a lot of time and cause confusion. Each seed has its points of interest and detriments and each seed will deliver various effects to the user.

Tragically, knowing the name of the cannabis seed you want to buy may not give the outcome you anticipate!

In reality, the OG Kush of a certain breeder might not be totally the same as the OG Kush of another breeder. So what should you do to find the right strain? There is only one true and reliable method to discover the seeds you are searching for.

To locate the best cannabis seed for your collection simply gather information on strains based on the unique breeder, that way you will get the expected results. Failing that you can simply read up on the product descriptions as these state all of the seed qualities.

No matter what qualities you are looking for, there is a good chance that there is a seed or even several different cannabis seeds that meet your needs. There are over three thousand varieties of cannabis seeds combined, that we know about on the marketplace. The choice is crazy, but that is a good thing, right? By refining your wants and needs you can narrow down the search drastically.


Cannabis families and their respective effects

The first thing to consider for weed seeds is which family they belong to. The effects will vary greatly depending on whether they are Indica, Sativa or hybrids.

In the cannabis family, we find four groups which are sativa, indica, ruderalis family and hybrid.

The two families used in growing cannabis are the sativa family and the indica family. We are able to cross them to obtain very specific characteristics, which gives birth to the fourth group: hybrids.

In the image below you can see the crazy difference between the shape and height of a pure Indica and a pure Sativa plant.


About Cannabis Sativa

Sativas are known for growing very tall, they are best suited for outside growing but can be grown indoors when kept under control

Cannabis seeds classified as sativa come from a single strain of male and female cannabis plant. They are also called landrace Sativa or pure sativa. If someone crosses over two plants of these two different sativa varieties we refer to them as sativa hybrid.


The user feels a High effect, soaring, euphoric, trippy, exciting. Psychoactive, acts on the brain because of the THC content of sativa.

Cannabis sativa has a high THC and low CBD ratio
Cannabis sativa has the characteristic of often having a low level of CBD, around less than 1%


About Cannabis Indica

Cannabis Indica stays short, bushy, and wide. They are often much quicker to flower and are always well-suited for indoors.


The user will feel a soothing, calm, relaxation effect and often find it harder to do labour type work, staying on a sofa seems much more suitable!

Relatively high levels of THC (10-20%+).
Relatively high levels of CBD (1-2%).


About Hybrids

Hybrid types of cannabis are created by crossing sativa and indica together. They are very unique plants that can take any form or shape and often have different phenos taking after each parent plant. The effects from smoking can range from A to Z whilst also containing different effects not achievable from just one family alone.

Types of Gender in Cannabis Seeds

Seedbanks offer several types of cannabis seeds which include autoflowering, feminized, and regular. 

The most popular types are feminized as not many people have use for male plants and find them to be a waste of time. Only breeders are after male plants. Therefore feminized are often the way to go.

Regular seeds contain a random mix of male and female, there is no way to tell the gender by looking at a seed. Until flower time you will not know the gender for certain.

Autoflowering seeds are becoming much more popular due to their speed, yield, and recent improvement of potency.

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